Thursday, June 04, 2009

too tired to write

I'm not really feeling like writing anything so I'll just put some pics. Those are more entertaining anyways. (But I guess I'll have to update more because I have internet at my house now!!!!)

Spreadin' the word, yall. Just the way it should be. (I gave this sticker to Emi as part of the host family gift and she put it in her car.)

This guy is the cause of celebration every June 2. His name is Hristo Botev and he was a revolutionary/poet of sorts.

The group in Vratsa at the Hristo Botev party + Ivan in the back (Meg's host bro)

Emi and I!!!

Dan - patriotic in any country

Chris, Ivan (Meg's host bro) and Koki (Ivan's friend) at VIP. And it's not V.I.P. - we pronounce it "veep" here. Awesome, huh?

More to come soon...


Carrie Jo Howard said...

I was so excited to get your message today!! But so sad that i missed your call :( It's been nuts at work this week for some reason. I love you and i hope to talk to you soon!

PS - loving all the pics

vicki said...

/Thanks for giving us something new to enjoy, esp. when I know you are tired! We are so proud of you and know that you will succeed and enrich lives, and all the more when you can actually name things instead of point. Work hard and try to graduate at least third in your class!!

Catherine said...

I finally was able to log on! Glad that you are there and can't wait to visit you. I want to give Emi a hug. And apparently Bulgaria does not only breed smart people, but very cute boys too!! What if you marry a Bulgarian...I don't know if I'm ready for that yet!

Jan Kelley said...

When i first looked at these pictures i was thrilled, but i did not take the time to comment. Now i am telling you that I was thrilled when i first saw them and i am again thrilled for the second time. love you. jj