Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Internet Club in a shady basement.

I'm in my new village and all is going pretty well.

I'm at slightly shady internet club. The only person over the age of 12. The only girl. And the only one not playing World of War Craft or whatever those online games are. Kind of surprising that there is an internet club since there's only 2000 people here. Thankful none the less.

Just checkin' in really since my mom likes to know what's going on. I haven't done too much since getting here. Had some rest time which has been amazing. Watched a lot of tv from my external hard drive. (Great investment!) Also finished a book (The Broker) and started a new one (Lipstick Jungle). Intellectual, I know. All in three days!

Patiently waiting for my own internet that will hopefully be faster than what I'm currently working with. Probably won't be any pictures til then so my interesting entries will have to suffice. Until next time...


Lyndsey said...

Internet club? Is that Bulgarian for Internet cafe? Glad you're having some catch up time. I'm having a bad case of Veevesie withdrawl so we need to talk soon.

Catherine said...

Glad you found your internet connection...not stop playing that World of War Craft and call us why don'tcha???

vicki said...

So glad you found the Club! Phil says that game is addictive, so you stay away from the joy sticks,as it were. Hope to see regular posts!

Brooks Inc. said...

Hey Val....I am a terrible poster...but boy do I love you! I Think about you, pray for you and brag on you all of the time!

I loved reading each of these posts!

I love you so!