Monday, August 03, 2009

Patience, PCVs and Baklava

Remember how fast the internet was when it first showed up in the States? That's how I'm feeling right now without the dial up noise! I just have to keep telling myself I'm thankful to even have it! I'm thankful, I'm thankful, I'm thankful...

I'm settled in nicely to my super small flat. I might try to do a little video tour. Don't worry; it'll only be about 5 seconds... or however long it takes me to walk from my bathroom to my room. I'm not workin' with too much, but it's good. Very easy to heat when the three feet of snow show up.

This past weekend I went to Gotse Delchev – a bigger town in SW BG. A married couple are volunteers out there and had us SW region volunteer's over to their (huge) apartment for a night. So fun to meet other volunteers and to see some other B25's! We had a huge dinner, spoke lots of English, and played Apples to Apples. More importantly, I realized that we were in a town that has a movie theatre. Hello, Harry Potter! Saturday afternoon we walked to the theatre... I saw the poster... got really excited... then saw that the showing wasn't until 5pm. The last bus back to my town was at 5pm. I was so sad. I was so close! But I'm going to Blagoevgrad for my ID card stuff and maybe they'll have the movie playing earlier.

Speaking of ID cards. The whole process is kind of confusing. It's a 2 part deal. I had to go to the Kodak store and take a passport picture and I ended up being told that Bulgarian law is that you aren't allowed to smile in government ID pictures. This caused me some stress. The guy told me I could smile but no teeth. This never happened... I couldn't make myself do it. Finally he gave up and told me he hoped that the ID place would accept the picture. WHO DOES THAT?? I paid plenty of money to get my teeth as they are and I intend to show that in pictures.

Have I mentioned how beautiful it is here? Yesterday my English speaking friend, Eva, sent me a text saying to be at her house to go in the mountains. We ended up going on 2.5 hr hike. The best part is that we just start walking on the road in the village and it goes up into the Rila Mountains. Who ever comes to visit me will go on this hike! I love living in the mountains!

I've started doing a once a week cooking lesson with Nadia so here's my recipe from last week. No doubt there are many versions but this is the recipe for this region/family!

Baklava Recipe
1c Sugar – Melt in pot
Add 1c Sugar and 1c Water to pot
Boil, cool, set aside
Oil pan (Let's say 10x13)
2 sheets Filo dough, spread some oil on top
Sprinkle chopped walnuts, sugar, and sugar cookies on top (cookies optional)
Layer, Repeat - Top layer is filo dough
Cut before putting in over
Oil top
Put in over 15-20m @ 350
While hot, pour cool liquid on top
Wait 1 hour before serving

(Keep in mind people here don't so much use proper measuring utensils... they just know! Let me know if you try it! It's delicious and was a hit at the PC party! Mom/Lynds/Cather - I expect one of yall to try. That's not a request, either!)

PS. I tried pictures and they kept timing out. Ugh.


Lyndsey said...

Love it! Glad I got to participate in the blogging process - will be looking forward to next week's recipe & Bulgarian lesson.

Catherine said...

Yeah!! What is Filo dough though???

Manda said...

I'm gonna try to make this in all my new free time. So glad to chat today. I miss you and love you!

P.S. to Catherine: Filo dough can be found in your nearest grocer's freezer...its the really flaky pastry-like dough.

vicki said...

I have some filo dough, but it is spelled phyllo. I will try to make it for the next big thing. Can hardly wait for the hike, though JB informed me that you said I would be parked at the coffee shop with a book, while yall went hiking! Oh, well, I have seen HP and you haven't, so na-na-na boo boo!

Okay, I'm over it!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

speaking of dad's fam is lebanese and my aunts make some TASTY baklava. i'll have to try this recipe and see if i can outdo them at the next fam kind of excited about it :) THANKS for sharing!