Sunday, August 23, 2009

Accomplishing Great Things... sort of

Things I accomplished in the past week:

* Got my litchna karta from Blagoevgrad. Not. Cute. I think I look like a vampire - my eyes look red.
* Met with the mayor of Bachevo and we talked about actually doing work! (I've been here one month and have had a very relaxing pochivka.) Looks like 01 September will be my first English class.
* Finished two books this past week - Pride & Prejudice and Memoirs of a Geisha.
* Spent yesterday in Gotse Delchev with four other girls. It was a very Bulgarian day. Caitlin and I got there, met up with the other girls and went to a cafe. We stayed there awhile. Two of the girls left to run some errands then Chantelle, Kay and I went walking through the park and ended up at another cafe. This doesn't count the cafes I went to in Razlog while waiting for buses.
* This morning I was with my counterpart talking about things I'll do in the next three months. This included teaching a country dance class. SERIOUSLY? Whose idea was this? Not mine.


Catherine said...

if you need some help with two steping lessons I can help!! That is great!!! Have you ever been two stepping before anyway???

vicki said...

I'll help, too. How hard could it be????