Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maybe I should've stayed home

Today I was totally prepared to have one of those days where I never even leave my house or walk outside. Instead, Maria came downstairs and said we could go to this ladies house where she's going to make a dress I have into a shirt. I agreed (reluctantly though because I wanted to be a bum), grabbed the dress and went outside.

Remember how I live on a hill? There's a little dirt pathway off my road that goes into the kindergarten and onto another road. Definitely a shortcut - and one I try to avoid. It's kinda steep and everytime I look at it I just see myself falling and wiping out. Which is exactly what happened when I was walking down the path today. Maria was a few steps ahead (because I go slow trying to prevent the fall) and totally lost my footing and landed flat on my butt. Anyways, I'm fine - scraped up my hands but no good battle wounds. But my problem is that since I've moved to Bulgaria I seem to have a knack for wiping out. It's ridiculous. I'm just glad Maria was the only one around to see my not-so-graceful wipeout.

Otherwise, things are good. 8 other PCV's came into Bansko yesterday and we cafe'd and bowled. I think it's a safe bet to say that none us were so good at bowling. One guy broke 100... besides that, not so much. Lots of fun either way. There is also lots of PC traveling going on the next couple weeks. Maybe I'll get some good stories out of those trips... one can hope.

Ladies at the bowling alley


Catherine said...

Veeves, I'm sorry you keep falling on your bum. That is no fun at all...but lets be is not like the Goodes are normally graceful people. I'm glad ya'll had fun bowling!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! And mom, I'm still the favorite no matter what is said or promised!

Vicki said...

I just left a brilliant comment and messed up and therefore it disappeared! Just wanted to offer the good word that Goode girls do not get broken hips when they fall due to the padding protecting those bones, so isn't that a great blessing from DNA?

You bowlers look cute...I like your bangs...and which dress is turning in to a shirt?

Jennifer N. Hernandez said...

i would have laughed at you... all the way to that ladies house! love uV you look good love the bangs too!! xoxo

Jacci said...

do you not comment on my blog cause i don't comment on yours?

that would be fair.

i'm sorry you took a little spill. i hope you are OK! i wanna see this dress to shirt deal you speak of.

love you, miss you!

Jan Kelley said...

i didnt notice the bangs, so i will have to go back and check them out. I am sure i will like them so i will not return for an after-look comment. Now I choose to say, i love your bangs.