Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's September now!?

Here's what's going on.

Taught my first English class today. Things went pretty well I'm guessing since they asked if we could do it again tomorrow. Who knew "Hangman" would be such a hit? I'm thinking I might introduce the greatness that is the frisbee tomorrow. Ya know, you catch the frisbee and you have to spell/say something in English.

I went to the dentist in Sofia on Tuesday. Cavity free after 24 years - it's all about flossing people! Anyways, the dentist (who has a diamond in his front tooth) said to me, "I can tell you stay away from sodas and sweets. Good job." I said nothing but silently laughed to myself since neither of those are true by any means.


Catherine said...

I'm glad your first class went well! You are such a smarty pants...and I bet that all of those little pre K students helped you to where you are now!! Also, just want until you are 27. Everything starts falling apart from there. I boasted for so long about no cavities...then all of a sudden! Bam!!

vicki said...

How did Day 2 go with the students? Are they loving those frisbees?