Friday, September 25, 2009

Fresh and Fried

Happy opening day to The State Fair of Texas!!! Not gonna lie, wish I was in Dallas so I could go to the fair. It's probably one of the highlights of my year! And because I keep up with the "fresh and fried food" at the fair... the winners this year were Deep Fried Peaches and Deep Fried Butter.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make baklava. When you're in Bulgaria (or most other countries besides America I'm sure) you get the walnuts from the tree and you open/crush them yourself. I'm kind of embarrassed to say but I didn't really know how to open them up. So I asked. And not really to my surprise, Maria did it for me. At least she let me watch. (Let's just say it can be slightly annoying sometimes when people don't let you do things for yourself when you know how... like making the whole thing for you instead.) Anyways, it tastes good.

Please excuse the missing piece... sometimes you have to taste it first :)

But more imporant than baklava would be that today is sister #2's birthday! Happy 28th birthday Catherine!

Grand Canyon vacation 2007

NYC sister vacation 2008 at Buttercup Bakery. Lyndsey had to work :(


Then she went and got hitched :)


Catherine said...

Thanks for the love Val! I love that you included pix (except for the GC could have chosen a cuter pix of the two of us!)!! I hope you have a great wknd with Caitlin!! LOVE YOU!!!!

vicki said...

Maybe not your best shot, but not too shabby, and you've gotta admit, it's good of the Canyon!

Was the baklava as good as it looks? Wow!

And how does a Bulgarian crack a walnut open?

Jan Kelley said...

I forgot to call CC and you know she is my favorite. Oops, i should be talking about you and bulgaria on this I will.... I am so enjoying the baklava story and the pictures down memory lane. continue to be so happy that you are where you are.

Lyndsey said...

Glad the baklava worked out - I was curious whether or not you actually made it and this came with a picture! And lovely ode to Cath - feel free to go back and write an ode to me!

Kasey said...

Val! I didn't know you joined the Peace Corps!? Thats so exciting!! I'm horrible at keeping up with people but I might be checking your blog from now on.. Hope your doing well!!