Friday, October 02, 2009

Rila Monastery!

I decided to take myself on a day trip yesterday. Since I live relatively close to the Rila Monastery I figured now would be a good time to see it. Not too cold and probably not packed with tourists. After 4.5 hours and 4 buses I made it to the Monastery. Here's a breakdown of my travel.

0840 - Leave the village (1 hr wait after missing the 0900 bus by 5 minutes)
1005 - Leave for Blagoevgrad (1 hr wait after missing the 1100 bus by 4 minutes)
1200 - Leave for Rila (The lady told me it took 40 minutes to get to Rila. But surely this can't be right because it's a village bus and the bus to the Monastery leaves at 1240. Hm.)
1240 - Jump on the bus to the Monastery with 45 seconds to spare. (I think they must wait for the bus.)

At 1310 I finally arrived. My long morning was worth the time. It. Is. Awesome. Definitely worth seeing if you're ever in Bulgaria!

Murals painted in the domes outside

*Disclaimer: I try to not be in the habit of taking pictures of myself. But when traveling alone, someone's gotta do it and the options are limited.

Hrelyo's Tower - the oldest original structure still standing from 1334.

Typical Bulgarian face

Gorgeous, right?!

I only spent about two hours in the Monastery due to time constraints... had to make sure I'd make all the connecting buses to make it home that night! I definitely want to go again and take some of the trails around the Monastery. And my journey home was much more efficient. Getting home only took three hours. And a total of 8 buses for the day. Ohhh, the good 'ole days with a car. But no complaints here. I was never a big fan of driving anyways.


Vicki said...

Speaking as your mother, I say never hesitate to take a picture of yourself! Your peeps never tire of seeing your face, and we appreciate the Bulgarians of old for building that nice background to show off your pretty face!

Catherine said...

Amen to what mom said.

Brooks Inc. said...

LOVED Seeing your face! you are such a fun writer Veeves! We miss you so! Pray for you often!

Lyndsey said...

Totally gorgeous! You can take me when I come! Although a little disappointing you didn't get a picture with an authentic Bulgarian monk.

Kasey said...

Haha well since I've seen your blog, I really for real kinda want to... It seems intense/awesome, I told my mom last night to see what she would think if I did.. So maybe?

Matt Matsuura said...

Wow...everything was in military time. I didn't know you knew how to use military time! :P Now I challenge you to post your times with military time, but relitive to Zulu. :)

Алекс said...

Don't forget to go to the Ivan Rilski grave next time, and also try to crawl through the sin hole. Did anyone tell you the story?
I'm Alex by the way, a very friendly Bulgarian :P