Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tex-Mex makes everything better

I just had a monumental moment in my PC service on Friday. I've been in this country for nearly five months. Which means it's been nearly five months since I've had Mexican food. (And anyone that knows my family knows that we're out-to-eaters and frequent El Fenix maybe once a week!) There were quite a few PCV's in Sofia on Friday and we ventured to Amigo's for some Happy Hour action. It's no El Fenix but what is?!

Finally got to hang out with Meg!

Show me a Texas flag and I probably get a little too excited. It didn't even come in our food but I put it there. (These were our party fries - not so Mexican foodish.)

Last week our Men's Folklore Group performed in Razlog. They did awesome!
After this they tried to teach me how to play the accordion. It did NOT work so well.

Why living with a family is awesome (not that I don't have my drive-me-crazy moments)... I got home from Sofia and my room had been cleaned. Or more so scrubbed. All the sheets washed (and no doubt they were hung properly outside), the carpets had been cleaned, the kitchen/stove had been cleaned... everything. This is the good life.


Catherine said...

I'm glad you are not having to rough it sooo much. And PTL that the sheets were properly hung outside. This is the life...well, I'm sure.

Vicki said...

And cheese fries with Ranch dip...wonder where in Mexico that trend started??? But the flag makes it look so festive...and I hope you take the accordian up...if you can learn Bulgarski and the sax, you can master the accordian!! Oh, and would u like the sombrero in the next shipment?