Saturday, January 23, 2010

I made it to the top... and then I threw up...

I took the lifts to the top of the mountains in Bansko. Took a couple pictures. Came back down. Then I threw up. And it didn't really surprise me.

Here's the story.

This weekend has been the "Europa Cup 2010" ski competition in Bansko. One of the men who works for the ski resort came to my English class this past Tuesday and asked me to help out. Of course I said yes! He gave me two passes for the weekend where I got to skip all the lift lines and get in for free. (A 1-day pass is 50 leva/$36.) They were actually staff passes. Kali and I headed up Friday morning and ended up taking all three lifts to the very, very top of the mountain. (8,530 ft/2600 m) I was feeling a little queasy and after we got back down to the main area I went to the bathroom and threw up. (Wilderness Trek circa 2001 flashback here.) After that, I was fine. Kali and I met up with Toshko (the boss man) said our "hello's" and he told us we were welcome to come back on Saturday. So my "work" was really just to enjoy the mountain, snow and ski competition. It was beautiful and my first time to a ski resort. Maybe next time I'll actually ski... and not get sick! :)

When I was talking to some of the real staff they knew I was a PCV and asked me if I knew the PCV in Garmin. Of course I do because it's Callie! He knew all about the PCV's that have been in Garmin and what they've been doing there. Love the PCV connection!


Vicki said...

Great pictures and so glad you got to have that great experience (save u-know-what,)and hope Saturday is just as spectacular.

Lance Nelson said...

Hi Valerie,

Great blog you have there.

Hope you like my Bansko blog: er... banskoblog.oom !

all the best