Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still alive and no broken bones

...The breaking of bones was a legitimate concern for me today.

My friend Kali (or perhaps I should refer to her as my friend that makes me leave my house on these cold and snowy days) decided we should go ice skating in Bansko. Sounds fun, right? Well. I am not athletically inclined nor am I successful walking on snow or ice. Much less ice skating. But I agreed because the last time I did was probably in elementary school at Prestonwood Mall. (We should take a moment of silence for this great mall - but also be thankful for the great development that took its place... sorry, reminiscing of Dallas.)

We got to the rink and paid our way and got our skates and hobbled out to the rink. I slowly eased myself onto the ice one foot at a time and held on for dear life to the railing. Eventually I let go of the rail and even skated down the middle all by myself a few times. (I'm sure I looked incredibly graceful with my arms parallel to the ice and all - gotta maintain balance!)

It was fun and I never fell! It gave me a boost in my self esteem - not counting the kids who were skating circles around me. I kid you not. Why they weren't in school... well, that could be a whole other blog topic about attendance policies in the country. Anyways, after 45 minutes I was just about done being entertained and ready to go. And that was it.

Besides ice skating, Sunday I'm heading with my men's folklore group to Blagoevgrad who are getting filmed for tv. I don't really understand the details but there's the possibility I'll be on tv. Maria wants to make sure Kali comes with me since after 8 months I surely can't understand Bulgarian questions on my own. (Sarcasm intended. I'm excited Kali's coming anyway. More entertainment for me!)

And for those that care about the weather in the Razlog/Bansko region... it's cold. Probably hovering in the 20's and 30's (F). Today it snowed and there's a few inches on the ground. Nothing like what my poor friends in the NE are enduring. Temps below 0 degrees F and frozen pipes which means no water. Yall are brave. Stay warm - spring will be here before we know it!

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Lyndsey said...

I'm SO impressed - as the last time I ice skated was the mid-80s - I think at the Galleria - but I remember it was a birthday party. But I digress - you are a rockstar! Perhaps they should let you be on the Bulgarian Olympics team!