Monday, February 01, 2010

Look what I did today!

It's always nice to feel a sense of accomplishment. As I've said before, Bulgarian's aren't really in a hurry. You can talk with someone about an idea, they might think it's a great idea and say they'll get back to you and if you ever hear about it again - consider yourself lucky.

Which I do! After a couple months of pestering, I finally got someone to "write" something in Bulgarian for the Men's Folklore Group so we can make a brochure. Kali translated (getting the community involved!) and this morning I read it and realized it has absolutely nothing to do with the Folklore Group. It's about the Chitalishte. Kali was given a brochure that was made last year about the Chitalishte.

But you know what I decided? I'll take what I can get. Which resulted in this:

Progress... it's all about progress!

PS - The Men's Folklore Group did a great job yesterday on Rodina TV. They interviewed me as well and I feel pretty good that I didn't sound too dumb! :)


Vicki said...

Where do we find that interview on You Tube? See what you can do for me there, okay? And the flyer looks good...makes me proud to be a fan of Bachevo!

Catherine said...

So cool Veeves. I want to see you on Bulgarian TV too!!! We're so proud of all that you are doing. Keep up the good work and thanks to Kali for being an awesome friend/translator.

Lyndsey said...

COMMENT! I've been told that it's rude to just blogstalk and not leave a comment, so here's your comment so the peeps know that you're important. Comment. Comment Comment Comment. And ps - super cool accomplishing of great things!