Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Lovin'

...and a whole lot of nothin'.  Well, a lot of heat (no AC's over in these parts) and some pretty sweet thunderstorms.

There's really not much going on in June that's why there's the lack of updates!  Most of the month has been pretty quiet but July and August will be pretty busy.  In July we have our Mid-Service Conference which will be a BLAST since all of us B25's will be together.  As soon as that's over, I'm heading to Blagoevgrad to teach Journalism at the American University's summer English camp.  There will be 120 teenagers from Buglaria, Spain, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.  (That also means I won't be in my village for the majority of July!)  

The new group of B26's just received their site placements and there will be 5 new PCV's moving within an hour of me!  There are two new guys who will be pretty close and three others about an hour away.  We're pretty excited to be adding to the SW-BG crew!

Other than that... I'm starting to brainstorm my travels for when I'm finished in Bulgaria.  (Summer 2011!)  I'm thinking about heading to SE Asia / Asia.  Thoughts, opinions, advice and people are welcome! :)


Vicki said...

Hey, I just noticed on your Live Feed list that I am apparently your McKinney Tx reader...or else our timing is remarkably similar! Thanks for the plug for the blog...I'd better add "the rest of the story!" How did the honey banana bread turn out? Makes me hungry to think about it!

Lyndsey said...

I'm trying to be one of those Summer 2011 people! And Happy Juneteenth!