Monday, July 12, 2010

July... finally

Well, it's finally July... the thing I spent all of June waiting for.  I spent the 4th of July at another PCV's house outside of Sofia and we all had a blast!  From there I headed to Vratsa to meet with the other B25's and celebrate our one year of service.  In true style, I got a massive stomach bug and spend the first night/second day in bed/at the toilet. I don't know what it is but I can't seem to go to a PC conference without some kind of virus!

More importantly - I'm now in Blagoevgrad at the AUBG International Educational Summer Camp 2010.  That's a mouthful! (AUBG = American University in Bulgaria)  I started my Journalism class today with 20 students.  I think things are going to be busy but fun!  In total there are about 120 kids from 14 different countries!

For the next week this group of students will be researching and writing their stories for a big presentation on Friday night!  It's gonna be good! :)


Vicki said...

How much fun for you and them! Enjoy every minute and then tell us all about it.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

Wow. I would never imagine myself in Bulgaria! :-D Congrats!

-French Bean


Hi..nice Blog.,, and nice to meet u :)