Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bansko Jazz Fest 2010

This week is the Bansko International Jazz Festival again.  I'm 7km from Bansko and there's now a new PCV, Grant, living there so we decided to check it out!

I went last year with some friends and I wrote about it here.

Last night we heard Solomon Burke (USA) along with two other bands that I don't feel the need to mention.  Burke was fantastic!  Apparently he's a pretty big deal... in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.  (In Cleveland. Somebody please explain to me why the Hall of Fame is in Cleveland.)

For your listening pleasure... it's Solomon Burke.

And for your viewing pleasure... it's me and Grant.

But I guess that'll be my last time at the Bansko Jazz Fest for awhile... since next August I'll be a RPCV and probably not in this country. Cuh-razy.

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Manda said...

Val! Solomon Burke sings one of the best songs in Dirty Dancing! That's awesome that you got to see him. Oh and I just noticed that's the song you have posted! Who would've thought he'd be performing in Bulgaria!