Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Six? Or sex?

Is it too early to teach a group of Bulgarian kindergartener's the difference between "six" and "sex"?!

Because, really, if I have to hear them start screaming with laughter every time we say "six" I'm going to go crazy.  Today I just wanted to yell, "IT'S SIX! NOT SEX!"  (Knowing full well they wouldn't know what I'm saying and probably laugh harder.)

It's just... weird... that of all the English words they know - that not being very many, but it's okay because they're in kindergarten - is "sex."  (Therefore thinking that "sex" is also the number "six.")  Why in the world does a six year old know what the word "sex" means in a foreign language?! Seriously. Why?


Lyndsey said...

Oh my sweet Veeves, if this was a lesson that should be taught by anyone, it's by a DT!

Vicki said...

You know, I left a brilliant response, or tried to, and the system failed me! Close to what I think I said: Teach the little upstarts to say "5+1" which hopefully doesn't sound like...you know...anything...and make the s-# something they get demerits for uttering aloud. So do I have teaching skills down or what??

Andrea said...

One of our host baba's would just start to die in laughter when we taught her six. beacuse it keep coming out sex.

now i'm trying to remember what my KG's say I thought it was six, will have to check :)