Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, as I've been bored out of mind this weekend I decided to start working a little more on my upcoming trips.  (Pending PC approval, of course.)

But the plan is this: Catherine will be here in November and we'll head over to Istanbul, Turkey.  So get ready for a lot of pictures like this:

Philip will be here during December/January and we'll do Madrid, Spain and Berlin, Germany.  And then a lot of pictures like this:

(All pictures will be minus the bleach blonde hair and tan.)

Within the next three months I'll get to check out three countries I've never been to.  BOOM!  That makes me happy.  (Although it really doesn't make me any less bored than I am at this very minute.)

Otherwise - things have started going again in the Chitalishte and in the Kindergarten.  It's nice to actually have somewhere to go during the day.  But let's just say I should be able to read quite a few books in the upcoming months...

And PS... anyone else want to come hang out with me?!?


Vicki said...

Wish I could pop over but am excited for the rest of you little chicks. Have a good day in Raslog and then come back and blog about the adventure!

Catherine said...

Yeah. I can't wait!! And I get to add two new countries to my passport!!!!

Lauren said...

i do i do!

Lyndsey said...

I do! Am looking forward to your adventures with CiCi and the Brosky!