Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Texas Fried Frito Pie with a side of Fried Beer, please

No joke.

Both of those heart attack inducing delicacies are being offered at the Texas State Fair.  (Texas Fried Frito Pie taking the award of Best Taste 2010 and the Fried Beer winning Most Creative 2010.)  For all the fried food finalists, click here. I love Texas. And the State Fair!  And pretty sure I'd try both of those! :)

Ever since I can remember the Goodes were a State Fair Family.  Year after year the six of us ventured to the State Fair and it was glorious.  Where else can you find the VitaMix, Salt Water Taffy (*Dad, are you reading this?!), and other things you don't really need.  The State Fair is about to start and I'm feeling a little nostalgic.  I mean, are there other towns where you get an official day off of school to have "Fair Day"?!  I'm already waiting for the Texas State Fair 2011!

Otherwise, school in Bulgaria starts tomorrow. Shoutouts and best wishes to all my TEFL friends!  We'll have a welcome celebration for all the kids tomorrow and then it's back to the grind.  My English classes in the Chitalishte and in the kindergarten will start next week as well.

I'd say that I'd post pictures but my camera is hiding somewhere in Dimitrovgrad.  Sad, but I'm hoping that I'll get it back.  Otherwise, I'm searching for a camera to use tomorrow because my counterpart was visibly upset when I told her I lost my camera.  (And I don't think she was sad for my sake if you know what I'm sayin'...)

I've got a good feeling about my upcoming time in the village and in Bulgaria.  My trashy TV shows are all restarting to keep me entertained, I've got some good books and a lot of ideas for things to do with the kids around here.

Luckily, I finally decided to stop being a bum and go visit some friends around the country.  I made it to Varna on the Black Sea Coast and had a blast.  I'm pretty sure that I spent more time traveling to get there than I did in Varna but I wouldn't miss a party on Stephanie's turf for anything!  This past weekend I went to Dimitrovgrad where another PCV had organized some activities for us within his community.  A great way to end the summer!

Here's to another school year in the Bulg... Наздраве!


Vicki said...

Oh, the wonder that is the State Fair of Texas! I can hardly wait to enjoy all the VitaMix samples and see how long I can get James to stay in Creative Arts. Time gets shorter every year there and longer in the car barn. Yet we have never driven away in a new car, so why? Why?? Hope springs eternal, I suppose. At least it's cool to talk to the robot...

Jeffrito said...

If we can figure out how to freeze Texas Fried Frito Pie with batter already on it, we'll send some to Bulgaria! Thanks for the shout-out!