Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've been inside for over 24 hours

It's true. I haven't been outside in awhile.  Yesterday, I didn't even open the door to go outside.  But I'm thinking I might venture out to the dumpster today since I've got some trash I need to take out.

Exciting life, right?!

For real though, it's about to get a lot more exciting.  (Hopefully the constant rain and gray will disappear for a few days.)  This past week I booked hostels for Istanbul, Madrid and Berlin! Oh man, I'm excited.  Catherine will be here in about a month and we'll be off to Istanbul! And then Phil will get here, we'll have Christmas and then spend New Years in Spain and a few days in Berlin.  Not too bad.  Plans are falling into place.

This weekend I have nothing going on and I'm excited about that.  I feel like I've been traveling every weekend since July.  (Not true, but not too far off either.)  It's nice to be able to just bum, read, watch tv and defrost my fridge.  Yes, that's what my Friday afternoon consisted of.  It's okay to be jealous. :)

Otherwise, I'm on track to finish my 50th PC read book by tomorrow.  And put a good dent in Season 2 of The Wire.

And from Tuesday... my day trip to Sofia to see off some friends...

Sadly, I missed some people I wanted to see but I'll catch 'em on the flip side. In America.  Billy is now in Istanbul on the beginning stages of his epic six month journey around the world.  Neil and Ashley are somewhere in the Balkans.

All their travels are helping me to brainstorm what I'm going to do in nine months.  Seriously, NINE months left in the Bulg.

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Vicki said...

so what about The Truth Teller's Lie? Do I have to check Shelfari for a review? And what's book 50?