Monday, October 11, 2010

So long B24's!

The time is here for the B24's to leave! So in honor of a few of my favorite B24's, this is dedicated to y'all!

I had the intention of heading to Sofia today to hang out with them and say my goodbyes but unfortunately I think my head might be on the verge of exploding from sinus pressure.  Tomorrow will be the day no matter how I feel.  There's no way I'm letting Ashley or Andrea leave this country without me seeing them first!

This past weekend I was in the Gotse Delchev region for a workshop but more importantly for Callie's going away party!  Nearly all of our B-Grad region was there and we had a good time. Saturday night there was a party for Callie including us and her Bulgarian colleagues.  Callie is pretty awesome and she had so much support from her town and everyone had a super time at the "Hoe Down."  (Including two-steppin' and line dancin'!)




So to my fav B24 ladies, y'all are awesome!  Enjoy life as RPCV's!  See you in America!  (And all of you other B24's as well!)

Ще ми липсвате!

B25's... we're next. Whoa.


Vicki said...

Life-long friendships that will enrich your lives with great memories as you must go your separate ways. Hope yall have some reunions in the planning stages already!

bgkulinar said...

Аз ще ми липсвате!

Correct is "Ще ми липсвате!" ;)