Monday, January 24, 2011

Babin Den!

Last Thursday was Бабинден or Grandmother's Day.  And in my village, it's a big deal.

This is a day honoring all the 2010 Grandmothers.  Meaning if they were blessed with a grand-baby in 2010 they get to participate in the 2011 celebration. Make sense?

And to celebrate, the grandmothers (and mothers) dress in traditional Bulgarian garb, strap the baby to their back and dance horo around the square. (Can you imagine a new mom in America strapping a baby to her back in this way?!) The Cultural Center presented the women with socks (for good luck, health, etc) and pinned them on to the baby carrier.  

In my village of 1500 there were about 15 new babies to celebrate. Welcome to the world little Bachevo-ites. (Bachevans? Bachevoer? Bachevka? Obviously I have no idea what the proper term is.)

Baby on back

Locals dancing in traditional Bulgarian clothes

 Baba Lena (She's so cute!)

He was putting on his own show in the middle of the square!

Two girls from the Kindergarten. So sweet.

Another baby strapped on!


Lyndsey said...

That really is a cool holiday - of course I'm excited about any holiday that involves dancing in your festive garb in the middle of the day!

Vicki said...

Such cute little babys. They certainly seem comfy in their colorful back slings. Why don't you see if you can bring a few back and pass them out to new moms? May be just cute enough to catch on! Do they buy those from a catalog or make them at home? I'm glad you explained why the socks were hanging there...seemed sort of random, but now it all makes sense!

Julia said...

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Thank you.

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