Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bummer / Awesome

First off: Sad news. When my brother and I were in Berlin we decided to send some of our souvenirs home so we wouldn't have to carry them.  The box finally arrived in Dallas this past Saturday and my brother immediately knew something was up.  Turns out during transit someone somewhere opened up the box and stole nearly everything out of it.  Out of everything only two items were left in the box and everything else replaced with packing paper. (Stolen items include my brothers used clothes he wasn't wearing on the trip. Weird.) I'm bummed, but have to remember it's just stuff.  Rest assured, we aren't going down without a fight against DHL.  (If anyone is heading to Berlin and stops at Brauhaus Mitte, I'd greatly appreciate you picking up a few steins for me!!!!)

(Annoying news: the number "one" / "exclamation" button on my laptop stopped working the other day. Ihave to copy and paste the ! or the 1.)

Awesome news: My friend Shannon is opening up a new furniture design boutique called "4Love" in the Bishop Arts district of Dallas. Her and the co-owner Ashley are incredibly talented and everyone needs to check it out.  
Check it out HERE and then like it on FACEBOOK.

And a picture of Shannon and I from her wedding because I love it.

And if you like books, my mom writes a super blog reviewing books. And she reads a lot. Ch-ch-check it out HERE.

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Vicki said...

Veeves, I do love that picture of you and Shannon!!! (or 111, so you don't feel self-conscious about your keyboard handicap)
Hope their shop is a big hit...I know they are ladies with a knack for decor!!

Oh, and thanks for the mention of the blog. Love ya l&f!