Thursday, January 20, 2011

Berlin - Part 3/3

Alright, last part of the trip.  Berlin, Germany! 

Quick overview: Philip and I arrived in Berlin on the 1st of January to lots of snow on the ground and some serious cold. We headed to the hostel, put my bags up and then headed to Philip's hotel to put his bags away. His hotel recommended a local German restaurant called "Dicke Wirtin." Oh goodness, it was delicious! German food is fantastic!

The next morning the adventures began! I headed to Checkpoint Charlie, learned a lot about the Berlin Wall (and the fall of), then to the Topographies des Terrors Museum. It was intense. I also checked out the Jewish Museum.  There are so many museums and so much history there. I loved it!

Every day was spent wandering around, going to museums, eating delicious food and hanging out. Berlin was my favorite part of the Western Euro vacay!

Traditional food at Dicke Wirtin

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

A sidewalk sign signaling where the original Berlin Wall stood

Remains of The Berlin Wall

At Brauhaus Mitte

The Holocaust Memorial

The Berlin Cathedral with the TV Tower

And special shout out to "Geist" who became the 50th follower!  :)

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Annie said...

I have been there! Like it! And I find your blog very interesting. Start to follow you. Hope that you don't mind! :)