Friday, January 14, 2011


I am bored. And I miss Texas.

When I got back from vacation I was feeling excited about the last 6.5 months of service.  I've been back for over a week and that little taste of the Western world got to me.

I want to be in Texas.  Don't get me wrong, I'll be finishing my service with flying colors and know that once the time gets here, I'll cry my eyes out for leaving behind my village and my friends.

But right now... right this second... I want to be laying in my Queen size TempurPedic bed in Dallas, not sitting in my 10x10 room/apartment.

I have been spending so much time online looking at places to live in Dallas. Houses, apartments, condos.  Why? No idea. It's not good for my psyche.  (Not too mention I'll no doubt be living at my parents house when I get back.)

In October 2008 (@ Catherine's wedding) there was a friend of Brian's from UW who had been in PC-Africa.  He told me I'd have a lot of free time.  I didn't doubt it.  And he was exactly right. I have a lot of free time.  I work some but more often than not I'm sitting at home.  Rotating between my desk and table and my not-so-comfortable twin size bed.

It's really not even the winter blues.... today was beautiful and not too cold.  The problem is that the roads are still muddy messes and it'll probably be awhile before they dry out. So going for a walk is out of the question.

It's not just me.  My friends here understand the antsy feeling of  Peace Corps completion.  I think I'm just excited to step foot on American soil.  Eat at El Fenix and Taco Bueno. Get a Route 44 Diet Coke from Sonic.

But for now, I'm going to make dinner and be proud of myself for accomplishing my three goals of the day.
45 minutes cardio/Zumba video
-  Read 100 pages of my book, "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest"
- Find an online tutorial to learn something new.  (I picked a Photoshop one.  I have the program but don't remember at all how to use it since last time I really used it was sophomore year at ACU.)

The good news is that Razlog is hosting an International Kukeri Festival in the morning that I'll be attending with the Men's Folklore Group.  (And meeting up with other PCV's.)

I'll write about what Kukeri is later... with pictures.
PS. I have 49 followers. Come on, somebody be the 50th!  

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Vicki said...

If you find a good apt available right now, I know someone who might need a nudge...just sayin!

Sure hope that 50th follower steps up! Maybe there'll be a surge since you were so blatant with your plea!!