Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day from Bulgaria

Happy Valentine's Day from Bulgaria <3
Честит Свети Валентин от България!

The pictures are from our V-Day craft time at the Kindergarten.  I was happy with how they turned out and the kids were so excited when they saw the pictures of themselves. Presh.  

I'm gonna have a real romantic V-Day in the village by not doing anything and packing a bag to head to Sofia for the International Tourism Expo.  (Feel free to read into the sarcasm.)

A couple of random things:
- Check out the new header I made in Adobe Photoshop.
- I spent a good bit of time looking at Perez Hilton and watching clips from last nights Grammys.  I'm actually starting to feel bad for Christina Aguilera.  Forgetting the words of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl one week and tripping on stage at the Grammys the next week... I can see where that could be a blow to the ego. But Mumford & Sons performance? Wow. I love them. And Gaga. 

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Lyndsey said...

Perhaps you should start investigating jobs with Perez! Or is he still working out of his mother's kitchen?
Do the Bulgarians have Valentines Day or is that something you introduced?