Thursday, February 03, 2011

Things to get done in 5 months

There are five(ish) months left for me in the Bulg. 

I need to write down the things I want to accomplish before I leave here:
* Hike to the 7 Rila Lakes

* Go back to the coast. I went to Varna this past summer but didn't get to spend too much quality time at the beach and the water was freezing!  Maybe Nesebar or Sozopol. Hm.
From Brian Steger - Nesebar Coast
(Click his name to check out his blog. Good writer. Good photographer.)

* Plan my after-PC trip! Here's the thought so far.  If you all have any thoughts/recommendations/advice, leave a comment!
- Sofia to Bucharest
- Bucharest to Belgrade
- Belgrade to Budapest
- Budapest to Bratislava
- Bratislava to Vienna
- Vienna to Prague
- Prague to Krakow
- Krakow to Sofia
(Gather all of my belongings, hang for a day or two... then...)
- Sofia to DALLAS, TEXAS

My current idea (which changes pretty often) is to spend two, two and a half weeks doing this.  So I wouldn't be staying in any place more than a few days.  All travel would be with bus or train except I would fly back to Sofia from Krakow.  I'm still debating whether to visit both Bucharest and Belgrade.  How does that sound?  Thoughts or opinions...?


Vicki said...

I will defer to the European types as far as opinions of where to visit on the final trip, except for the last destination...sure glad you're coming home at the end of this magnificent experience you have had!

Are the Rila Lakes close to you or would you have to traverse the country to take the hike?

Stephanie said...

Too many places... not enough time. Cut the number of places in half, or add two more weeks. Or, you could do none of that and get on a plane back with me!

becca said...

I would do Bucharest over Belgrade, but I would do Brasov (probably the best city in the world, or so they say) over Bucharest. You will probably want to spend more time than you have in both Budapest and Prague (and maybe never want to leave). The problem with only staying a day or two each place is that you miss out on all the smaller side-trip places that are outside of the capitals, and those are usually the best places. Otherwise, this looks like a great trip, I wish I could come back and do it with you! Have fun planning ;)

Lyndsey said...

Don't you wish AA would go ahead and let me know if they were sponsoring our trip?!?!

phigoode said...

I like the Stars in "Bulgaria" on the header; it's very Texan of you