Saturday, April 02, 2011


Meg and I randomly decided one weekend we should go to Romania.  We both had vacation days available to use so off to Romania we went!

Romania is a beautiful country! We started our trip in Bucharest with pretty great weather. One this I learned is that in no way is the Romanian language related to the Bulgarian language. I could not understand any of it. But for the most part, people spoke English so no problem.

We were also able to check out the nearby town of Brasov. From Brasov we headed to Bran to see "Bran Castle" (or better known as Dracula's Castle). While we realize this castle isn't the "real" castle, it was still fun to pretend to be on the lookout for Dracula. The weather was not too great - dark, gray, rainy and foggy - but it made for some great pictures!

Meg and I in Bucharest

Palace of Parliament (the 2nd biggest building in the world!)

Bran Castle

Meg and I in the castle

It was a great trip and we met some pretty awesome people along the way. 

Romania was the 10th country I've visited while being here. The list goes: Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey (x2), England, Spain, Germany and Romania! Not a bad gig! :)

Next up (and next week!): Munich, Germany!

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Vicki said...

When do you leave for Munich? Love all the photos of Romania and am glad yall had such a good time.