Monday, April 04, 2011

Good things.

Over the past few weeks some cool things have happened....

Peace Corps recently celebrated its 50th year of existence while Peace Corps Bulgaria celebrated its 20th year in country. In honor of this, PCBG put up an exhibition in the center of Sofia representing 20 years of volunteerism. There are many posters set up representing current (and past) volunteers and our service in Bulgaria.  I'm excited to say I have a featured poster!  

Recently, Meg had a grand opening with her village of the tire playground they constructed together.  It looks great, the celebration had a big turn out and the kids all loved it! The playground was made with recycled tires, donated materials and village residents hard work!

Otherwise - My Munich trip begins on Saturday! It's my last vacation before I'm completed with my Peace Corps service! (And it might seem that I go on vacation a lot ... but know that PCV's get an allotted amount of vacation days and I don't believe in letting those go to waste!) 
Only a few more months left... I can't believe it! 

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Vicki said...

Aren't we grateful for blogs where you have cataloged all these great memories and experiences of the past two years? Love that your legacy lives on in billboards!