Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Shameless Promotion

Okay, if you're a Google Reader, click to come to the real blog.


I do realize that Google Reader is a great way to blog-stalk people which I totally do. So no judging.

Now that we're on the real blog page, look to the right. Do you see where it says "Support and Vote" and then there's a facebook button for James Goode? Yes? Sweet, so let's talk about James Goode.

Right off the bat, James Goode is my dad. And a super one at that. So maybe I'm biased. But whatever. He's running for reelection for Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District School Board. (That's a mouthful!) He has spent the past 12 years dedicating an incredible amount of time to support C-FB students, staff and administrators. Not to count the years he spent in PTA starting in 1984 with Lyndsey. (Sister, the oldest.) 

He has worked so hard to make C-FB ISD a successful place for students to be. Our (I say "our" because even though I'm in Bulgaria, I still am officially an FB resident!). So, our school district is an incredibly diverse one. And he, along with his other board members, continue to work to promote a high education for all students no matter their background. 

There is a definite need for experienced leadership on the board. He provides that. As no doubt everyone knows, the public education system in Texas (and everywhere else) is going through some serious budget cuts and shortfalls. He is ready to help guide the district in the most successful way possible with the funds that are received. The board has known this was coming and prepared the best way they could. You all should know that there are not being any teaching jobs cut for this next school year unlike many other districts.

Here's the point:  James Goode knows what's up. Be a fan on facebook. You don't have to live in the C-FB area to be a fan. Go back to the top and "Like" him run for school board. 

Most importantly, VOTE. Support. Spread the word. 

Also, check out WWW.JAMESGOODE.COM. And definitely make sure to check the "Have You Heard" section which clears up statements and comments that have been made. 

And since pictures make every post better... here's a couple of pictures from when my pops came to visit me in Bulgaria! <3



laura jo said...

SO glad you posted this! I hope FB residents read this and vote for your dad. If I lived in FB, my vote would definitely be with him. Since I work in the district, he has been in my school and in my classroom many times. He's not just a school board member who goes to meetings - he's a school board member who goes to the schools, school functions, and truly cares about the students. GO FOR GOODE!!!

Vicki said...

Veeves, what a great post from across the pond! You really covered some excellent points about his experience, and Laura Jo, thank you so much for telling about his school visits...that is not something that every board member does by any stretch!! Yea, Goode for C-FB!!

Catherine said...

Could not have said it better myself. I appreciate you sharing these words of wisdom!