Friday, May 27, 2011

The Future Freaks Me Out

I have too much free time to think about my ever-nearing future in the States.

And it makes me cry. Seriously. I just cried.

Over two years ago, before I actually arrived in Bulgaria, I was just sure that I would figure out what I wanted to do with life while in the Peace Corps. Much to my dismay, that hasn't happened.

Here I am, six weeks away from leaving Bulgaria... Peace Corps over with... and I still have no idea. It's frustrating. When will I ever figure it out? 

I have ideas of what I could do but those keep changing. My current thought is taking me back to ideas I had awhile ago. But that involves going back to school and I don't get excited about taking out loans. 

I'm just bored. Too much time to sit alone thinking about it. Surely it'll all work out in the end.

On a completely different note - earlier this week there were some crazy storms in the Dallas area. The tornado sirens were going off by my parents house so my brother and the dogs took cover. (Thankfully there wasn't much action there besides a little hail, thunder and lightening.) My brother emailed me this picture and it makes me smile.

Philip's dog is the one on the left. My poor pup is the old one on the right. (I use the term "my" loosely, my mom has really been taking care of her.)  She's 16 and mostly deaf. She had tried to jump out of the tub but couldn't do it so decided to lay down and chill instead. I'm kinda surprised she didn't sleep through the storm because that's really all she does. But my brother assured me she could hear the hail and did not like it one bit.


Vicki said...

Oh, Veevsie, God has been preparing you for something wonderful. You just be positive and open to it, and you will recognize the path when you see it. I think that often our biggest problems come when we give ourselves too much of our attention! Finding a Career Path/Getting a job is not the climax of the rest of your life, but a new beginning. So as one of my close pals likes to say, "Live high, live mighty, and take it easy." Let the Lord lead, and keep smiling...lylaf

Lyndsey said...

Oh, those sweet pups. I was on the phone with Brother Goode right after this was taken and have been waiting to see it. I'm amazed the Bage allowed herself to be picked up to be put in the tub in the first place. Showed this picture around the theatre today, and the pup followers got a big kick out of it.