Monday, May 23, 2011

Lifestyle Change 2K11

Lifestyle Change 2K11 started today. I think I convinced a couple of my other friends to join in on the (not so much) fun.

I went to Razlog today and hit up the veggie market so food today was a success. Exercise. Not so much. But that's a whole other story. Tomorrow. I hope.

More importantly, this was a real conversation that happened today with my mom. It might be one of those stories that only my siblings and I think is funny but I was laughing so hard, I had to share with the world. Sorry dad. (But I'm pretty sure he never looks at this.)

I should preface with saying that my mom makes sugar free/fat free pudding on a regular basis as dessert.

Mom: I'm on way to the store because I have to buy soy milk, sprinkles and cinnamon.
V: What are you making?
M: Nothing. Philip wants soy milk and your dad wants sprinkles for his pudding.
V: When did dad start putting sprinkles on his pudding?
M: As soon as he discovered the 8 to 10 year old sprinkles in the pantry and decided he liked it. 
V: (Laughing.) He's so olddddddd.
M: Yes, and the cinnamon is to flavor his morning oatmeal. Remember all this for when you put him in the home...

End of PC countdown: 7 weeks

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Vicki said...

Hmmm, yes, hope you are right in the "he never reads it" part...but if he does, he'll vouch that I didn't make it up!