Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well, this will be embarrassing...

Okay, friends.

I have an announcement. 

No matter what you think or what stereotypes you've heard, not all Peace Corps Volunteers lose weight when they move to country. Maybe in some parts of the world but I'll tell you what... in Bulgaria... there is no shortage of bread (that's amazing) or pasta or rice or anything carb related. Or shortages of baba's making you eat and eat even if you tell them you can't. And also various foods fried in sunflower oil. In fact, when we got to country I remember one of the PC Directors telling us that in BG, men usually lose weight and women gain weight. Not me, I said. I ain't gonna let that happen.

And has that backfired on me! Goodness gracious, I went in for my COS (Close of Service) physical. I stepped on that scale... not feeling confident, mind you... but then... then Dr. Toni said ###. So I asked her to tell me what I weighed two years (!!!) ago. 

Dr. Toni told me what I weighed in at in May 2009. Let's just say it was not a pleasant feeling. And I'm announcing to y'all -  all over the world -  that it was not a single digit weight gain. 

I refuse to get back to America, get off the plane and have people immediately think, "Valerie's back! Yay! And she got fat." Eleven weeks until I make my Texas debut. So back to the grind. The winter blues and inflammation of popping hip syndrome (it's real - google it) put a downer on things. But the veggies and fruits have returned (some even in the village) and I am going to try an experiment.

I am going to attempt a week without carbs and exercise everyday. And I will report it to y'all. 

You'd think with my vast free time this wouldn't be an issue... but you'd be amazed at how easy it is for me to do nothing. Seriously, it's embarrassing how okay I am with spending hours alternating between tv, reading a book, talking to my mom and not going outside. (I'm in Sofia right now and visiting a friend this weekend so on Monday I'll give it a go.)

Hopefully this public declaration will give me some motivation which is definitely lacking. Feel free to leave your support! :)

Or maybe I'll delete this post and never bring up the issue again. We'll see.

And on a final note, I learned today that if you plan on traveling to Bosnia, you need a Typhoid shot. So along with a depressing stand on the scale, growing an inch (???), I also had blood drawn, a Typhoid vaccine and some other unpleasantries.

And one day, I'll also post pictures which makes all posts way better.


Vicki said...

Oh, my Veeves!! I admire your going public with the declaration of the effects of two years of great bread and having to keep eating or seem rude! And I hope and pray that you can stick with the plan to eat healthier and keep moving!!
You can do it!!

akiem concept said...

oh dear..i hope and pray...i like your blog

The Clark Family said...

You are too funny! Can't wait to find out the results of your experiment!

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