Monday, June 13, 2011

Proud to be a Texan

...or a Dallasite more specifically!

Remember my post from a week and a half ago about the Mavs?!
Or should I say the 2011 NBA Championship team?!

 I totally wish I was in Dallas celebrating with all the Mavs fans!
(Or with the Germans. They love Dirk. They know what's up!) 

I was internet-less over the weekend and awoke early thinking about the Mavs. It was the confusing half awake/half asleep trying to decide if they had WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP. It inspired me to get out of bed (at the early hour of 10am) to check online.  
Maybe the word "inspired" is more of a loose term.

I still had NO internet! So I called GNet and the woman informed there was no problem with the internet... it was my lack of paying the bill. MY BAD. I got ready with a purpose, went to Razlog, paid the bill, returned to the village and was oh-so-very pleased to see they won. I'm so proud. MFFL, yo!

Enough about the Mavs. Let's have some Peace Corps updates.

This past weekend I returned to where it all started. The village of Kravoder! It was great to stay for the last time with Emi and Kiril, na gosti with friends and see the B27 group become official Peace Corps Volunteers.

I can't say enough good things about the Davidovi family and their extreme hospitality. I'm so thankful I lived with them for 11 weeks and have been able to keep that relationship over the past two years. That family has done so much for me... lots of love!

Emi, Kiril and I
(I promise he was excited to have me there!)

My favorite people from Krav: Penka, Emi, Pile Prez, Kiril, Vinsi, Tsetska

On the way back from Vratsa, I had a layover in Sofia. What did I do? Go to the Mexican food place, then to Subway, then to the shop that sells American drinks in cans. How very American of me, right?! This is what I came home with.

Countdown update:
17 days left in the village
30 days left in country
51 days until Texas


Vicki said...

I remember Pili Prez!! The Chicken president, right! And the king of hospitality, as I glad you got to see those sweet folks one more time!

...And now we know what to stock up on to make you happy when you come home!

Lauren said...

dr pepper zero??!!! WE NEED THAT HERE!!! Can't wait to see you so soon!!! ILY