Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach Party

For one of my final weekends in BG a huge group of us gathered in Varna on the Black Sea Coast. The 10 hour trip from the SW corner to the east coast of the country was totally worth it! I love my B25's! 

A picture to prove I was actually at the beach (and one taken without my knowledge)! I realized that I didn't really take any pics at the beach. But that's okay because I'm pretty sure 9 out of 10 girls do not want a picture of them floating around the internet of them in their bathing suit.

I love Stephanie. She's one of my favorites. I'm sad she's not going back to Texas with me but instead going to Holland for grad school. 

These two fabulous men will be reuniting with me in Dallas. I'm so excited thinking about Cory, James and I out on the town. Haha!

Seriously, this picture was not staged. Our usual dance party had started and I caught Raf in a moment. He's going to continue reppin' B25's for a third year! (Crazy.) 

Then... then there was this lady. 
Let me tell you the story of why me and this lady will never be friends. 
This weekend was hot. Nothin' I couldn't handle though. But I was not excited about the heat that comes with a seven hour UNair conditioned train ride. 

I should also tell you about a Bulgarian... myth... concern... whatever you want to call it. 
It's the течение.
The течение is the draft. 
The concern with people of a certain age here is that if doors or windows are open you will get sick. Which means that you can sometimes get stuck in a train car with an elder who throws a fit if the window is open or the train car door is open. 

At some point during the train ride, this woman got on and sat next to Caitlin. It was hot outside and inside but we had the window open. But I was still sweating. Eventually someone opened up the door to the outside and the door to the car. It gave us a beautiful (albeit strong) breeze. But it was good.

Then the lady shut the door into our car. 
Caitlin tried to convince her it would be a "beautiful breeze" but she wasn't having it. 

Then our train broke down. 

Eventually they got us up and running but by this time I'd already changed into my cotton shorts, took off my shoes and was draped across some seats. It was hot, yall. 
Someone opened up the outside door and the lady closed it. 
No ma'am, that wasn't going to fly.
Caitlin and I looked at her, and Caitlin opened that door back up. We gave her the "just try to shut that door again" look.

She didn't. But the lady (who had been profusely sweating along with the rest of us) then draped a jacket and a scarf around her and mumbled to herself for quite some time. Dramatic, much?! 
It was probably about 95F/35C.
It was not ideal. 
But the weekend was fantastic.
And 9 hours later, we were in Sofia.


Lyndsey said...

Yall crack me up. Hurray for Team Posh Corps!

Vicki said...

If the lady EVER gets sick again, she'll be coming after you and Caitlin...good thing you're getting out of Dodge soon and very soon...