Wednesday, August 17, 2011

America! America!

Blog fail.

I have no excuse for not updating in two weeks. It's not like a TON of things haven't been happening. I even have a list of entries to write.... but.... I'll get to it.

All sorts of fun things have happened. Like RETURNING TO AMERICA. (I love America by the way.) I've been meeting up with family and friends, my parents hosted a party to welcome me home and 60ish people showed up!

Things are good. Things are happening. But now I need a job. The readjustment allowance from Peace Corps is disappearing. Quick. I went to the Dallas Galleria and just had to have some new things! :)

But know that I haven't forgot about my blogging responsibilities. I even have pictures for this one.

The four kids together for the first time since C's wedding in October 2008!

Remember my craft projects? This is my mom's bike from 1954 that I'm going to give some love to! This is the before picture....


Vicki said...

that bike looks pretty good for a fixer-upper...ahh, the memories! Oh wait...just warm fuzzies, short on the vivids, but it was all good. Hope you can enjoy it's second, no third, life!

Catherine said...

Finally!!!! Thank you for not forgetting the blogging world!

Lyndsey said...

Can't wait to see the blog in it's final form!