Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So close... yet so far!

Turns out the last post was my 200th! 

So Happy 201st Post! 
(*It only took me six years!)

I'm in Sofia again. The three week Euro Trip has come to an end. And I didn't go to Bratislava. But all in all, it was a complete success. Even with super lame weather (rain, 20c/68f) I went out and explored everyday!

There is so much more to tell y'all but for now it's 8pm (Bulgaria time) and I have a taxi that will be waiting at 330am. Even though I woke up at 4am for a 430am train ride to the Vienna airport this morning. Here's hoping that all three of my flights go successfully tomorrow... and that I am on every one of them! The itinerary is not set up with a lot of grace time. So if you're awake at 345am (CST) or 1045am (Frankfurt time), send up a prayer that I made it on the flight!

The goal is to be at El Fenix eating chips and salsa, tortilla soup and nachos in the late afternoon with the parents (and my checked bag waiting in the car in the sweltering 41c/105f heat)! 

Cheers (for the last time in awhile) from the great country of Bulgaria!

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Vicki said...

Congrats on post 201! We need to put this in hard cover so we can read it like a book, and you can start the sequel, Valerie: The Other Side of the'll be great!

See you tomorrow in just about 24 hrs...Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!