Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution - Starting Early!

I have a New Year's Resolution. 

And it's all thanks to sister the first, Lyndsey! For Christmas, she gave me two new cookbooks. "Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible" and "Milk & Cookies." 

The resolution is that once a week I'm going to try out a new recipe. So I started today! Who cares that it's still 2011?! While I was working at Williams-Sonoma I bought a couple of good cookbooks ("Soup of the Day" and "Essentials of Slow Cooking") so I have plenty to check out. 

(When I was living in Bulgaria, I cooked from scratch nearly every day. I miss it. I did have much more free time out there though...)

Today I made Ambrosia Chicken Salad from "Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible." It was super easy, we already had all of the ingredients on hand and everyone (myself and the 'rents) liked it. And here we are...

Ingredients: Cookbook, Lime Juice, 20oz. can of Pineapple, Mayo, Shredded Coconut, Salt, Chicken and Almonds.

Completed! I topped it off with Craisins and put it on a bed of lettuce!

One recipe down, 52 to go. Let's see how long I last.... :)


Vicki Goode said...

Yea, Veeves...a resolution we'll all benefit from!

suzyj said...

So proud of you,Val! The pics are lovely too and I know many are quite pleased with your resolution!

Lyndsey said...'re welcome! Next time make something I can eat too though.