Saturday, January 07, 2012

A not-so-hot start

Ummm.... about this resolution... we can count Pinterest recipes too, right? 
Sure, it's my resolution.

As I realized I nearly failed in my resolution during the first week, my man friend said to count what I made from a recipe via Pinterest this past Sunday. I'm gonna say Pinterest can count because who wants to have not failed the first week of a NY's Resolution?! Plus, it means I actually did something from Pinterest! (Although I don't have a picture because I had this other great plan on what I was going to do but this first week of 2012 didn't start in the most ideal way.)

Anyways, I made this. Or a version thereof.
Picture from here.
Recipe here.

Pizza Casserole!
Delicious. Mine didn't exactly look like this because the 13x9 pan is not in the house. (It got left at my aunt's at T-Give and we haven't gotten around to getting it again! Aunt Suzy, let's meet so mom or I can get this pan back!) I used another dish that made it go up instead of long. Either way. It's good.

I did make some changes to the recipe trying to do it somewhat "healthier". I used turkey pepperoni (tastes the same) and ground turkey instead of sausage. This recipe does make a lot though... I ended up eating it as lunch leftovers four out of five days this week! Even my dad and brother ate some too. I think next time (which there will most definitely be!), I can cut the recipe in half. Thank you Pinterest!

Let's see if I can make week 2....


Catherine said...

#1 Send me a pinterest invite so I can see what this is all about

#2 Recipe sounds good. What were the calories?

#3 Keep up the resolutioning! You can do it!!!

Vicki Goode said...

aside to Suzy: We do have more 9x13s. They have now been pointed out to the little chefster. Not that I don't want to see you soon, but just sayin, it doesn't have to be all about the pan when I do!