Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week Four: Chicken Curry

Week four.... and done.

Chicken Curry with Couscous and Garlic Green Beans!

I had another jar of curry from Williams-Sonoma and since we're trying to use up the food we have in the house before hitting up the grocery store again this was it!

Obviously I went real fancy here by using a premade jar of curry, microwaveable couscous (this brand is delicious!!) and canned green beans. The most laborious part was cooking the chicken before adding the curry sauce.

Finished product. It was good. And the parents both enjoyed it. I get a little nervous "making" curry since we never grew up eating Indian food and my mom doesn't do spicy so well. This one had a little bit of kick but nothing she couldn't handle!
(@Lyndsey - You could totally do this with veggies instead of chicken. One day I'll do a vegetarian recipe in honor of you... although Dad will need to get his protein somewhere!)

Tonight I went Bulgarian style and made Musaka. (No pics.) This was the first time I tried to make it since I've been back in the States. I was a little disappointed... but then I had the realization that it wasn't how I made it but that the vegetables in the Bulg have far more flavor as compared to what's available here. I kinda miss going out to the backyard to the garden and grabbing veggies there. The Bulgarians did always say they had the best produce!

And for your listening pleasure... Straight No Chaser.
This is my current jam. On repeat again and again. Love. 


Vicki Goode said...

It is great to have you back home and on a mission to feed us both well and creatively. Perhaps we need to think "garden" now that the dirt will be more available to tilling, planting and staying planted more so than it would have last year...

Lyndsey said...

When I marry one of the boys from SNC, this will be worked into the ceremony or reception. Not sure how yet. The song. Not the curry. Although I do love me some curry.

Vicki Goode said...

Where's the Like button when you need it? If there was one on LAG's post I would click it for sure!