Monday, February 27, 2012

For the sisters:

As requested by the sisters...

I finally went to the eye doctor and got things checked out. Then I decided to buy some glasses. Two pairs in fact. Via Warby Parker. Have y'all ever used this site? It's pretty sweet. You can go on their website, order five different pair (without prescription) to try on for five days. Then you send them back. It costs $0. 

Kinda fun.

When I got them, I meant to take pictures of all of them but that didn't happen. I did a little glasses modeling for Jonathan where he said "no" on 4/5. Whatev. It's my face. (Although two of them I definitely thought, "This looks ridiculous.")

Here's what I bought. ($95 flat for each pair. Includes, shipping, prescription, everything.)

Everyday glasses

Jonathan's response to these: "Are you trying to be a hipster?"
My mom's response to these: "I had a pair just like these in the 70's!"

Anyways, taking pictures of yourself is awkward. 
So this is my face. 
It's impossible to do a regular face.


Christie said...

I REALLY like the second pair!

If you get your written prescription and want some more glasses, check out - you can get glasses for less than $10! I went crazy and ordered six or eight pairs, so until I go blind(er), I'm set for life.

Vicki Goode said...

If I were to hold the camera, could you manage a regular face? I mean, anything I can do to help...

The Cozads said...

LOVE Warby Parker! I have a bright orange pair on my face right now!!