Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food Fail and More

Week #7 of the year was a fail. That's okay though. I was kinda busy. It was V-Day, I went to a Market Research Study and I went to Abilene! 

I made Stuffed Peppers on Monday so I'm good for this week. (They were really good too - I always forget how easy these are to actually make.) There were also two red ones which would've made for a better picture but those were already taken...

This past weekend I went to Abilene with Jonathan. It'd been nearly FOUR YEARS since I'd been back to ACU. I had big plans to walk around campus and check it all out but the rain had other plans. Praise God for the rain but it's high time Abilene gets some kind of drainage system installed. It was awful. But I still went to the updated Campus Center, bought a new sweatshirt and found my old mailbox. Then we walked over to the new Rec Center - GRACIOUS! That thing is fancy. I'm only about five years late. Jonathan and I got back in the car and drove to our old houses. It was so good to be back... I love that place! :)

One of the only pictures from the weekend. Oops.

And just to show y'all he did good on V-Day... He sent these to my office!

Now flashback to Christmas.... My parents gave me a sewing machine. I figured it was finally time to learn. A few weeks ago I took the machine out of the box and promptly realized I had no idea what to do or how to use it. I hit up Google and found a place called "City Craft" in Dallas that does beginner sewing lessons. I signed up and attended the class last night. So much fun! They let me bring my own machine and the teacher showed me how to set it all up. There were only six of us in the class so my constant confusion and hand raising wasn't too much of a problem! 

We made a small bag in the class - in progress

Final product:

There's definitely going to be a learning curve but I'm excited about what else I can learn to make. Only time (and Pinterest) will tell... 

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