Friday, March 16, 2012

On to smaller portions

Two recipes down this week! But only (bad) pictures for one! 

Turkey Taco Cassserole 

It was a Weight Watchers recipe and I might've un-Weight Watchered it. But I was using ingredients we already had at the house. It's one I'll probably do again. Crush some chips, throw them on the bottom. Saute onion and garlic. Cook the meat. Add in salsa and taco seasoning. (And green chilies!) Pour it all on the chips, sprinkle some cheese, bake for 30 minutes at 350. Boom... it's done!

THEN I made Cashew Chicken and it was delicious as well. So high five for me. (It also gave us three extra lunches. Good thing I don't mind leftovers.)

Something I'm going to have to work on is cooking smaller portions. Since I'm finally moving out of my parents house! It's been a good eight months since coming back from Bulgaria but it was just time to try to be independent. (I told my parents they were more than welcome to buy my groceries if they wanted to stay involved! Ha!) So now my resolution will be just for me. And JLN if he shows up. 

The big move day is next week! So excited!


Vicki Goode said...

Yo, Veeves! Maybe I can DART over and share a meal when you've made too know how I live to serve...and I will miss your meal prep skills for sure!

Catherine said...

We are so excited for you too! What did the parents say about the groceries?