Sunday, April 01, 2012

iPhone Catch Up

My people! I've moved! Still in The Promised Land (Dallas) but close to downtown. I can walk to the DART train! So far, so good. 

Let me introduce you to the new crib...

View from the living room to the dining room. (Minus a kitchen table. I'm working on that. See those TV trays? They're working for now.)

The living room.

Bedroom! (That's a Gustav Klimt portrait above my bed. I saw the real paintings while I was in Vienna.)

Bathroom. (The corkboard will be holding my necklaces and earrings. I had a great pinterst plan to paint it and make it awesome but my dad came over today to setup my wireless and just had him hang it instead. Maybe one day.)

The apartment is awesome. Although I was sweeping the floors (it's all wood except the bedroom) and found a bunch of roly polys by the door. They were... deceased. Weird. At least it's not something worse... like cockroaches. But still, ain't no need for those things!

On the other hand, Time Warner Cable is on my list. The bad one. I wrote them a THREE PAGE letter regarding my (lack of) customer service. I will share it with all of you soon. After I send it to every email, real address, and any person I can find. (Which proves to be much more difficult than expected. You should look at their website and try to find an actual person to contact. Near impossible, my friends.)

Until further notice... every single one of you should GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to AVOID Time Warner Cable. I finally got everything setup but only because I accosted a technician I found in the apartment complex parking lot.

Non house related:
My 27th birthday was on the 26th.
I met up with a few of my favorite ACU ladies (Carrie Jo, Blair and Morgan) at Snuffer's and hung out on the patio. Love.

This pretty little ring is from my man friend. Who doesn't love beautiful jewelry?!
And just think... this was only for age 27! I've got high hopes now! :)

JLN and I at The Melting Pot. It was a birthday dinner date with Jeffrey & Kristi (his twin and wife)... forgot to get a picture of them! Good gracious that place is delicious!


Catherine said...

Yeah! Thank you for blogging. Love the apartment. Looks super cute... and I can't wait to hear more about TWC. I actually was just writing a lengthy email to The Keg restaurant for AWFUL service yesterday night. DO NOT GO THERE!!

Hopefully will make it to "The Promised Land" this next weekend and get to see the place in person.

Keep up the blogging!

Vicki Goode said...

Liked the photos of the apt. We need a shot of the kitchen and one with the blinds open and a DART train cruising by. Also wish you had taken a photo of Jeffrey and Kristi...hope they had fun, too!

Lyndsey said...

Looking forward to seeing it all live!

Marta K. said...

Your flat is amazing ;) it's right . I envy you .

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