Tuesday, July 03, 2012


I've totally neglected this, huh?

My New Year's Resolution has half failed. I don't take pictures anymore. But I'd venture to say I'm still cooking something new every week. If not every week, it's pretty dang-on close. Example... last night I made Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes. Delish. Plus I left out the brown sugar the recipe called for so I gave myself an "A+" for that. :)

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. It just occurred to me this very second that this is my first one since 2008 to celebrate in America. I'll be celebrating in an East Texas town with Jonathan's family. (The actual name of the town escapes me right now... I think it starts with an "E"). Either way, I'll be taking a Firecracker Pie. I'm sure hoping this doesn't end up as a huge Pinterest fail. Don't let me down Pinterest!

And, um, back in May I went to Hilton Head with Carrie's family and Jonathan. The boys played a lot of golf. I spent time reading/pooling/beaching. It was great. See? This proves it.

Welp... catch y'all in a couple of months. 
Maybe less because tomorrow is my 11 months America anniversary which means 04 August, 2012 is the big one year. I might have a party! :)


Vicki Goode said...

Can hardly wait to see the Firecracker Pie...surely there will be pix of tomorrow's celebration??

Catherine said...

Finally back to blogging!!! When can we see a photo of the Firecracker Pie??