Thursday, July 27, 2006

More pictures of why I love PT

The Amelsh School of Dance by Valerie and Elen (American and Welsh)


A picture to make mom proud

Elen and I singing the theme song for the week: "Valerie" by The Zutons


Joel said...

Luuuussshhh! We are crazy 4ever!!!!

Lyndsey said...

To precious! And what's up with you acting like you have curly hair?

vicki said...

thanks for the update, photographically speaking. Also like the link to Ignite. Will you keep blogging when you return to the US of A? I'm trying to help you retitle when the time comes...The Abilenian Soiree?...Cool Girl Prepares to Launch...The Last Hurrah Before The First Day of the Rest of My Life...or some sweet tribute to your maternal side...we've still got a little time before we decide! Lylaf, The Mom

best4chance said...

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