Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We love pictures!

Yes, yes... twice in less than a month! It's a miracle! But mom updated too so that's even better!!!

The Goode family reunion was this past weekend and to my delight it was actually quite a bit of fun. I guess that means I'm getting older! We didn't take that many pictures but you can't even picture the goodness of Azle, TX and the local Church of Christ!

Cousin's Julie, Craig, and Greg

Cousin Brian... I'm pretty sure it'd been years!

And the highlight of my night (which also included getting my hair done!)... I GOT AN AUTOGRAPHED JOSH HOWARD MAVS JERSEY! All thanks to my Mav's checking account, thank you Guaranty Bank! Mavs jersey count currently at 3!

I'll be in Tucson visting Cather this wknd so pictures to come!


Vicki said...

I'm already eager to see the Tucson update. Bet it will rival my San Antonio saga...we'll see who can post the most!

Catherine said...

I bet Veeves can post more!! It has been so much fun having her in Tucson!! It's like having your best friend in the same city!!! I'm so thankful she was able to come!!! Now, Lindz McCrary will be here next weekend! I just don't know what do to do with myself!! The family reunion looks like it was tons of fun!!


Ora said...

Keep up the good work.