Monday, June 02, 2008

Sweet Friends

I just love my friends so much! Even thought I'm sad we're all spread out, it is beyond fun when we're able to get together. This past weekend Carrie Jo (from St. Louis) came in town to play all weekend. (And there was no wedding to attend!)

Friday night we didn't do much because we're getting old and can't stay out like we used to. Saturday we got up and went to the matinée showing of Sex and the City! It was so good and we loved it... we laughed, we cried, and we helped an old lady get to the elevator and ride with her.

On Saturday Morgan came over and we all got ready for a night on the town like back in college! We went to dinner and then spent the rest of the night on the patio at BlackFinn. Have I mentioned I love my friends??

Sunday we had a big day... and so did Scarlett Olivia Grannis! CJ and I headed to Fort Worth and attended her 1st birthday party! (So maybe Carrie didn't come just for me.) Read all about it on Jacci's blog.

PS. If anyone is interested in some old formal/bridesmaid dresses I just put 9 on ebay. (And that's not all!) Seriously, it's ridiculous how many dresses Catherine and I have stored up over the years. :)

PPS. Stay tuned... I have some big news coming up!


Lauren said...

Glad your weekend was so good! I'm ready to cash in my date rain check. I have a feeling about what your news is and I don't like it one let's reschedule. ILY

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Yo dude. Sorry for the delayed comment geeeeeeze. Thank you for devoting your entire blog to how amazing I am. :) haha ... I love you and it's your turn to come visit!