Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm falling behind...

Needless to say, I now feel that my blog is even more inferior to all my friends cute blogs. CJ went and got herself a cute design and now it's just me. I've had this blog for over 2 years and I'm pretty sure it's the same background I started with. (I can't believe it's been over 2 years. I started the blog right before I went to Wales for my internship.) If anyone knows anybody that would like to give my blog a makeover for free, send them over my way! :)

Other than that, only a couple more days of PFS left. I'm not too sad to leave the office environment but I love the people I work with. I've made some great friends that I'll dearly miss.

And because BLAIR JENNINGS does not have a blog, I'm going to make an announcement on her behalf. She is moving to Nashville. Anyone in the Metroplex that wants to see her shining face before she moves better holler at her before the beginning of July.

The big GOODE Family Reunion (or maybe it's the Culler's... I think it is) is this Saturday. Anyone up for an exciting Saturday in Azle, Texas is more than welcome to come!!!

No work next week but TONS of doctors appointments. I will be poked and prodded to make sure I'm 100% healthy for the government to give me final clearance and so that I can find out my country for Peace Corps! And after that... Tucson!


Carrie Jo Howard said...

You know you love my cute new blog. And I DID NOT base the colors off Delta Theta. I didn't even realize until after and now I kind of feel like a loser but hey it's cool... Ahhh DT right??!! haha jk. Good luck on your doc appointments... hopefully your arm doesn't swell up like a red grapfruit... AGAIN. bwhahaha. ok that's all... LOVE YOU GOODE.

Chelsea said...

Yay, you updated. I do not think I could handle all of the poking with needles, no thank you! Have fun on your last few days of work, I am soooo jealous. I sort of wish I was leaving the office environment. Not for another 50 years, bummer. :)

Jacci said...

Carrie's so lying...she TOTALLY wanted a DT colored blog.

Ask Marina to do it. Since she did mine, she's done Meredith's, Kellianne's, Roxanne's, Lauren's, and Carrie's so it's only fitting that she does yours too! Just click the link to her blog on mine and leave her a comment asking her. I know she'll do it. Then you will have a pretty blog too!

Good luck at the least you don't need tetanus! love you and can't wait to see you!

Lauren said...

You're on a roll Val! Lots of blogging lately! And, I'm not sure if Marina is charging, but I think you might have asked her before and she was...lame. Anyway, ILYB

vicki said...

So, Veeves, I can only hope that you can still blog from Tanzania...surely there will be WiFi at the village Starbucks, and I for one will look forward to your posts even though the humble background of green dots surround your written words. Sure will miss your personal presence!!