Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Twins Birthday

It's the twins birthday! The twins being my mom and Aunt Jan! Happy birthday ladies! So in honor of the big day, I baked a cake. I found some heart shaped cake pans and here is the cake... in honor of the twins. :)

A picture of the twins and the cake with "TWINS" in sprinkles. I had actually cut out a "H.B." but it didn't fit.

Val and Vic

So in honor here are 5 reasons why Vic is the best:
1- She let's me call her "Vic" instead of "Mom."
2- She is okay with all my crazy travel ideas/adventures.
3- She's my mom and is still one of my bff's. :)
4- She loves the Lord with all of her heart and is an amazing example of what a Christian wife/mother/friend should be.
5- She raised 4 energetic kids within 5.5 years of each other and lived to tell the story.

And of course 5 reasons why Aunt Jan is one of the greatest:
1- She loves us "Goode girls."
2- She's the other twin.
3- She makes you feel like a successful individual even if all you do is sit in a cubicle.
4- She's really good at crossword puzzles.
5- If you haven't met her, you should. Your life will be better because of it.

There ya have it. H.B. Twins! I love you both very, very much.


vicki said...

Veeves! That is so stinkin' sweet! and we are so undeserving, yet pleased as punch that you are a believer...in the greatness of the twins....it's how we've been raised, just ask Aunt Suzy!!

Lauren said...

Dang VV! Postin like crazy lately! I think I might do mine tomorrow during my break...

Carrie Jo Howard said...

Your cake looks delicious! Well done Goode. I'm sure Vic really appreciated it. LOVE YOU my little world traveller!

Lyndsey said...

Wow - your post is so much better than mine.

laura jo said...

1. Your mom's a TWIN?!? What?! I'm sure I've been told this, but I really had no idea.

2. You're moving to Tucson?!?!

3. You're doing the Peace Corps?!? My roomie from college went to Costa Rica with the Peace Corps -- very difficult, lonely, but very rewarding. Best wishes. Let me know where the Lord puts ya!

4. I found your blog through Catherine's.

Kellianne said...

LOVE Aunt Jan. i'll never forget when she met us at Chili's in Houston to eat lunch and she gave us a dollar, I can't rememeber why but she did. Sweet Lady!