Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life in Arizona

Okay, so I'm going to wrap up my last two weeks in an easy to read update. I've settled in pretty well out here in Tucson. I started working full time within three days of being here at Summit Hut. It's like a REI and I love it... thank you Lord! So that was a huge relief right off the bat. I've been hanging out with Brian and Cat a lot and it's been fun. Brian and his friends have been showing me an entertaining time around the town.

I am so thankful to have some beautiful mountains surround me and trailheads only a mile from the house! Who knew I'd love the desert so much!?! These pics are from walking out the front door and the back door this afternoon. I'll try to remember to take some when the sun is coming up/down. Since it's monsoon season now the clouds are absolutely amazing.

(Don't know what's with the weird satellite thing.)

But everything just seems to be going right and I keep thankin' God every night. It's such a reassuring feeling that I'm making the right moves.

As for the Peace Corps, all the medical forms have been turned in and are going through the clearance process. So no location yet... just patiently waiting.

That's all I got for now... stay tuned for more!


Lauren said...

aww we miss you here in d-tizzle...come home soon! caden misses his aunt "bal"

vicki said...

Love the pix and look forward to your sunrise/sunset snaps. How was the pecan pie cake? Lylaf

Jacci said...

put up a picture OF YOUR FACE!

glad you're enjoying yourself and your job and everything. CAN'T WAIT to hear where you're going with PC.

miss you lots. you lied and never came back over :( i still love you, though. xoxo

Jan Kelley said...

veeves......who knew you wold write on your blog while you were in arizona--your mother told me....i am so excited to hear fro your mother's lips about all you are doing, but it is so much more gratifying to read it fro your own....i am thrilled for you and for the opportuniuties you are availing for yourslef and the fact that you seek God's guidance in your endeavors.....isnt it great when you know you ar in His will....i love you continue to shine on this world and on those who lov you so much....jk

vicki said...

Veeves, I keep waiting for your friends to rebel and call you out for your severe disregard of posting responsibilities. How hard could it be??? Let's write some news!!
Lylaf, your Mom

Holly and David said...

Hey Val! Just letting you know I'm gonna link your blog to mine. Good to find ya!